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If more people pressed charges (this includes male victims) and got their abusers convicted, the police would take them seriously. Nobody wants to waste their time and energy on all that paperwork, only to see cases later tossed out.

After years of abuse I finally pressed charges and my Ex was held accountable. Did it benefit me financially? absolutely not. If anything, it made the divorce process that much more complicated.

The positives are that he "knows" that his bad behavior is on record - that's a good deterrent - restraining orders can also help in avoiding future problems.

As mentioned above, you are showing your children that there are indeed consequences to these acts of violence and the importance of standing up to bullies.

I agree with you that the system is often unfair to victims (male or female) still it's up to us to make the effort to denounce these nut cases and not give in to apathy.

Why should the courts and police officers take this seriously unless we do?
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