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Originally Posted by LovingFather32 View Post
Just as SOTS and many other posters have said in the past...victims of abuse ( such as yourself) don't always come forward right away due to the shame and other emotional repercussions involved. I feel for you buddy. Being physically assaulted must not have been fun.
When he mentions that he feels like testing the whole gender neutral thing that shows to me that he isn't taking it as seriously as he should. That would be the last thing on a persons mind. That doesn't show shame or other fearing other emotional repercussions. That being said, he should still report the assault to at least get it on record.

Yes I have said some abuse victims don't come forward right away. I was physically, verbally, emotionally and mentally abused by my ex. Classic abusers shut down their victims support system by cutting them off from friends and family. I DID go to the police but they wouldn't do anything, even with bruises on my neck. They said unless there were witnesses or he would admit to it, they wouldn't do anything. Their excuse was too many times the victim would recant then the abuser would go free. Thankfully the rules have changed since then.

There are different degrees of abuse and assault.
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