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Originally Posted by Links17 View Post
So my ex came to my house yesterday and punched me in the stomach. in front of the kids too. She was pissed I wouldn't give the kids for an event. Also i was telling her very calmly to leave and i would call her after the kids were asleep to discuss and she refused. After she punched me she started asking the kids what they want and when they refused to answer her directly and told her they want to spend time with me she tried to convince them. I had to send the kids to their rooms to get them away from her. She finally left suddenly at that point.

I feel like testing the whole gender neutral domestic violence stuff and 0 tolerance.
At least go down to talk to the police or phone and start a file on the situation, at least there is a start/history for the next time it happens, just next time phone the police immediately and give them the file number you get. Its hard to convince the police you feel threatened and harrassed by the kids mother or even my own same sort of situation the police suggested I don't open the door to her, or stay away, and don't aggravate the situation, so its just email or text now, and no communication/talking face to face when meeting to exchange kid/kids in a public setting. Seems immature but it keeps violence down in front of the kids.
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