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I don't think you're entitled claim back the running costs of the house over the past three years ($10 000) as you presumably had the use of the house and your ex did not. So leave those out of your calculations.

I get different results using your numbers:

The equity at the time of separation was $300K - $256K = $44 K.

Minus down payment ($15 150) and roof repairs ($5 250) = $23 600

Half of that is what you owe your ex: $11 800 (you say you owe her $12 500 - not sure where that figure is coming from)

Your ex wants $25 000

The difference between $11 800 and $25 000 is $13 200.

Is that worth going to court over? I don't know. If I were in your shoes, I would try to understand where the $25 000 figure is coming from, and then negotiate a reduction.
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