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Originally Posted by childrenand happy View Post
I never pushed her all I did was try grab her arm to escort her out. Now Im charged with assault.
The charges may be dropped once both sides of the story is heard. But to be honest, you made a huge mistake by touching her. I don't care that it is now your residence, you simply don't grab someone to escort them out. You tell them they are trespassing and if they don't leave, you will call the police ....... that is if you have exclusive possession to the house. If you don't then the ex still is entitled to enter the house.

Do you have a digital voice recorder? If you do, was it running when all this was happening? If it wasn't why not?

You screwed up by grabbing her. Next time just call the police and/or video the entire ordeal on your phone.

Edit - Just as a matter of disclosure, I am pretty conservative when it comes to protecting your house. IMO, intruders should bear the chance they are going to be shot if they break into a house. But when it comes to the ex and a house they may still have an interest in, it is such a grey area that it is better to sit back and video them on a rampage vs. forcibly removing them. You house is your castle, and the video may have given enough evidence to support a claim for exclusive possession.

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