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Default Could this get any worse?

Sorry Im not a great writer.

My X got a job yay, I lost mine. I was seeing the kids everyday overnight and everything ( this could'nt get any better). She got a day off Wednesday S8 was at school and that morning I had a lawyer appointment I had dropped off D3 at her house ( she moved out of the matramonial home 50day before ) no problem. She took everything from the house but did leave the bed. in this time frame I had sold the house 2 weeks to posesion date.
We have been doing well pickup and drop offs we would never get out of the vechiles, the kids would walk to each others front doors no issues. that day I got home from the from the lawyers she was steady texting asking for the D3 Teddy bear because she wanted D3 overnight no problem I could tell something was up because she was very persistant. Also she was texting she wanted all the kids clothes.
I only had a couple articles of clothes that she would pack when they would come over nothing much the son was suppose to stay the night and daughter was to come next morning thursday(X had to work) I was to pick son up at school for swimming lessons after lessons we agreed that I would drop the kids off because I had to drive to the city that night for a safety course on friday.
Then the Wednesday afternoon she came for D3 teddy bear ringing the door bell and pounding on the door. I went to the door and opened it she was pushing on the door trying to get in ( the daughter was there with her) I squezed the teddy bear through the door and managed to push the door closed and locked it. 20min later she doing the same at the front door I would'nt open it. Then D8 texted and said Dad i'm home. I went to the front door and opened it and she forced her way in. I told her numerous time to get out very nicely. She kept on saying I want the kids clothes I paid for them I want them. I calmly continued to ask her to leave she wouldnt then I started to get mad I tried grabbing her arms to escort her out of the house and of course she kept working her way into the house shimmying her way down the way then she jolted back in the recess in the wall. Thats when shen she said Im going to charge you with assault Im going to call social services on you and she kept blabbing. I never pushed her all I did was try grab her arm to escort her out. Now Im charged with assault.
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