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CCTB is separate from "net cost". The ex sounds like they got tax benefits for daycare which will come off the price (ie. Full cost of daycare = $20000, tax benefits total $10,000 therefore his portion is % of 10,000. Unless she also got subsidies, then you remove that amount from total). You should demand a full disclosure of all schedules of her tax returns. That will show what she claimed and what she was entitled to.

Not sure about the spousal income amounts. You normally take what her line 150 is to calculate incomes for determination of % share. I thought you had to claim SS on your taxes? Either way, the % for uni is calculated via line 150 income. Doesnt matter what her new partner makes. Plus you consider a portion of the expense to you kid which is "normally" 1/3 but partners lawyer said its still a grey area.
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