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Default What constitutes a call to the rcmp?

I am not sure what would be sufficient to warrant bugging the rcmp, considering the fact that I am single dad of step daughter and daughter, mother inlaw is crazy (i won't let her be with 7yr old girl alone)and is always used to being in control and is, I get notified by my nanny/sister that step daughter told her that grammy would like to shoot me in the face and also asked step daughter's boyfriend if he knew any hitmen or someone that could give me a good this somewhat a normal circumstance among these situations that the rcmp would say we can't be bothered to do anything and its just your average family squabble....or what should I do with this situation? I know she is crazy and unstable and on all sorts of pills....I am used to her crazyness...but this is stuck in the back of my mind when I hear noises at night or walk across a parking lot and a car is coming towards has me feeling a bit uneasy and looking over my shoulder a little bit now.

I am broke and can not afford a lawyer for a bit now until funds are stable....and I don't know if I would be blowing this out of proportion, I slough things off and I am nieve, I have been told by a couple of people that I should finally do something about this crazy lady before something crazy happens, just wondering how to approach it, if anyone has experience with this kind of thing here I would like to know what first steps I should take....oh ya....she will play innocent little old lady if approached about it, or totally freak out if I approach her.....She calls me a weasel who runs and hides, but anytime I try to talk to her she gets out of control and explosive......

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