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That's what I was thinking as well (about the deal breaker) as I completly agree... sometimes I pick her up and she has one of her videos on and I have to stay until it's over and she still gets upset about leaving. On some occasions her mom will then offer to drop her off at my place. The 3rd party drop off will be the majority of the time from now on. (My x was on stress leave for 2 months which hightened the anxiety and also made me pick up from her residence all the time - she's now going back to work which means I'll be picking my daughter up at daycare 90% of the time).

Well this is the wording I was thinking of:
The Mother & Father shall make an effort to exercise (daughter's name)'s time with both her parents, including transportation to the other parents residence if necessary. In the event that (daughter's name) shows extreme anxiety on such occasions the parties agree to postone the access.
Basically if my daughter doesn't want to go with me then my x drives her to my place and if she still gets really upset then we try again later. This stipulation was raised by her because my daughter has become extreamly clingy to her mom since she's been off. She's also showing more anxiety since being re-introduced to her daycare.

I don't agree to this stipulation but I want this finished....