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My partner said never again. But he also said he would never love another woman. He tells me almost daily "how did you trick me into loving you?" As a joke of course. He was very young when he married and they both had many different ideas of what they wanted from marriage. I never wanted to get married and still have that feeling. If anything it would be for the "legality" of it (har har) because I worry how protected we both are if anything happened to him and that his ex does not agree with us living in sin and projects that onto the kids. He says he just likes the "us" part of it without all the drama, legal stuff, judgement, labels and the like. I have to admit I agree

Good people shouldnt hold themselves back from love though. If you guys were to meet someone who loved you and made you happy, dont let what your exes did stop that. If my partner had turned me away I would have missed out on the man I have been waiting my life for.
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