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Great poem bearvsall!

Well last night went well, she did indeed agree to joint custody. For now it's just legal custody and it's a start in the right direction. I still get my tues & thurs and every other weekend. When the lawyers were out of the picture before, I got to see my daughter a lot more then just those days - so I'm hoping it'll be the same.

The only fall back is she sent me an email this morning saying that she wanted it written in - that if my daughter shows anxiety when I pick her up and doesn't want to go with me, she doesn't have to go with me, or she won't sign it. How can I word this... as I know kids don't want to go sometimes with their parents and right now my daughter is showing more anxiety leaving her mom when I pick her up from her mom's place. If she's dropped off or if I pick her up somewhere else she's fine. Maybe I answered my own question there

There was also another stipulation of my girlfriend not spending the night when my daughter is there until she sleeps in her own bed throughout the night. (right now she crawls into my bed at 5 or 6am for an extra hour or two sleep) - this one I agreed to - although it caused some problems with my g/f.

The other thing I have to deal with is that my x now tells me how much she wants me back and wants to try to work things out - it's a tough situation to deal with after a year and a half of being forced to move on and finding someone else that makes you happy because the x contstanly pushed you away and said and did others things to make you think differently.

Anyhow, now I just have to hurry to get this thing signed before something happens to possibly change her mind once again... just have to figure out the wording on that stipulation of anxiety in the transition... any help?