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Thank you for your replies!

OrleansLawyer, I had no intention of going after my ex MIL. She is a very sweet woman and I have maintained a good relationship with her for the last 14 years post divorce. I mentioned it only because to me it looks like he used her to do something she didn't want to be a part of.

As for the affidavit, I noticed 2 other things on there that raise a red flag. When asked if he has other children, he left it blank. Ditto on the section that asks if he has been involved in a custody/support case prior to this one. Except....he has a son. The one who won't go to the house anymore because my ex's girlfriend's son beat him up. And there most definitely was a custody/support case. In fact, his son's mother is providing me with a copy of her court decision against him to attach as evidence to my own affidavit.

I get that people mislead or misremember truths all the time on an affidavit. But these three issues he lied about are deliberate and also have bearing on our own custody/support issue. I am really disheartened to read here that a judge would just basically shrug it off and ignore that.
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