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Originally Posted by COURTISMYLIFE View Post
My husband and I are dealing with this exact issue and heading to CC on Friday. His ex has never asked him for s.7 or daycare expenses. When we got her financials, she has received over $25,000 in tax benefits and CCTB over the past 4 years and is now wanting half of of the $16,000 in daycare and s.7 expenses from him. I too, searched exhaustively for case law but to no avail. She had been in a long term relationship with someone as soon as my husband and her separated and she never requested payment. Now that she is single she needs money. So I completely understand now the lawyers deception and cheating methods to get a settlement.
I would think a settlement would be for the outstanding owed. parents ahve a financial repsonsbilty. its fine to move on...but the first child has to be taken care of.

Not sure if this pertains or not but what was the reason your partner wasnt paying these expenses in the first place?
Regardless of the governement money she received. I would think that the expenses for the child would be paid by both parents first.
Why would the parent with the child be footing the bill waiting for the govt money to arrive? Government doesnt replace the parents responsbilty. I would think that the government money is a perk to helping the childs betterment and circumstance, providing opportunity. Why would he get a discount off of what he needs to pay?
What would that have to do with the lawyer or his cheating methods in trying to get a settlement?
Im not sure I agree with this view.
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