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As to your questions:

1. Sloppy but not an issue, as you already have the SA.
2. Yes, you are supposed to get his financial statement.
3. Mother in law is in the clear - the affidavit of service just means she attests that she gave you the documents. She's not responsible for the content of the documents.

If the affidavit has crossed-out information on it, it may be rejected by the court (my ex did something similar with altering parts of an affidavit after it had been signed, and the paperwork got sent back). An affidavit has to be complete and unaltered from the moment of signature, so it's clear exactly what the signer is affirming, esp. if his/her signature is witnessed. Anybody could have crossed out names, added extra words, etc, post-signature. Your ex may need to prepare a whole new affidavit (which I'm sure he'll be thrilled about).
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