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Yes, it can be discouraging. The police can only do so much. There's also a lot of false accusations being made which hinders 'real' victims ... A restraining order is only a piece of paper and IMO anger management therapy is a farce. So what's the solution?

Make them accountable, always document bad behavior and press charges every single time. Eventually they figure it out and look for an "easier to control" victim - it's as simple as that. Most bullies are chicken $hit when it comes to getting caught.

It was not easy to testify against a man whom I once loved, the father of my child, but it had to be done and I did not recant or back down even under threats. Police and courts can only do so much, it's basically up to us to fight for our peace and justice.

As far as consequences, if the Ex ever shows up at my door it's 9-1-1 and an immediate arrest for him so I don't think he'll risk it
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