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Yes those are great avenues to take when you fear for you or your children's physical safety!

I had 60 pages of text messages (a years worth) from ex that were incredibly hostile, aggressive and threatening, it was so stressful to deal with. I went to my local police station and they instructed me that I could go and get a restraining order but that they could not lay charges because he wasn't threatening me physically or my property...There's that fine line that police will not get involved in such matters.

In my opinion, having the front door being kicked in by my 6'4, 275lbs EX or emotionally and psychologically abusing me to the point of demanding a third party involvement (because we have a child together), a no contact order and therapy to help cope with the damage should be one in the same...We scold children who are bullies and strict laws are passed so that there are consequences to actions yet nothing in the adult criminal code for the "lesser" types of abuse...
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