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pokeman has a little shameless behaviour in the past

this is how it shakes out

i came to this site years ago looking for help,
what i got was "your paranoid" and so on
this is great site to come too to "fill out the
forms" so status quo in Canada doesnt change
what is status quo, it's 1 sex having 90% custody
of children

my wife beat me, knocking me to the floor, she
beat my very young children putting her foot on
their neck till they almost blacked out, making
them bleed from the mouth, i fled with my kids ...
this didnt happen in the 70's, it happened on few
years ago

she got 'em back , so happens about 19 women worked on my case and
chose its destiny, my children now teen agers now
say they were told by therapists [ quotes from teenages say they were told ] :

- girls should live with a girl guardian
- You've spent so much time with your dad, you should spent 3 years with mom
- Your mom is so lonely think of how sad she is
- Your dad even thinks your better off with your mom
- your dad doesn't want you, do you should go with your mom
- would be so much better if you lived with your mom

its discusting .. that's how corrupt "Family Law" is, god bless you if your
x is somewhat well adjusted cause from what I seen the bottom of the
barrel is better choice than a man.

my x never had to go to court, only showed up when she felt like it. that's the truth about abuse this site wants to cover up

you think when you walk in a court room your lawyer is working for you ,
wanne read more -

do you know that outside Canada some view us as socialsts, no idea
what 'socialist' means ...

don't be nieve , your best to do your research and find yourself a dad that got treated fairly, local in your neighborhood, not advice from regulars on this site

confused - not sure, ask family and friends where their children are, you will find the truth in that, this website promotes all of us being treated fairly so fill out the forms dad , we are NOT treated fairly
usually the regulars are all over my posts, I will tell you has I have told them, the 'system' manufactures us ... so till that's fixed just more and more of us will keep coming

love u and peace out

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