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Default Cat vs Lion

great news!!! Is it joint legal custody or the full joint and shared
I loved your poem and could feel the pain.
Hear is one of mine

Jenaya's Smile

I came across something not seen in a while
That something was a snapshot of my Jenaya's smile
It's etched forever in my heart and tatooed on my brain
A fleeting glimpse of joyfulness; I yearn to see again

I knew she loved me; I knew it from the start
I never thought she'd be kept from me in a family torn apart

Her smile was like a rainbow turned upside down
Sunlight thru the window on her inverted frown
It bounced around the room,flying here and there
I knew in an instant that smile was meant to share

It was like a big balloon,that popped in the air
Filled with tiny sparkles, that landed everywhere
All the children in the room just had to stop and stare
At this spectacle of wonder like at a county fair

Tears would then fall down my face,too much for me to take
A waterfall of saltiness,enough to fill a lake
Quickly,I had to look away from this stunning show of glee
Cuz it was spreading rapidly beyond just her and me

She unlocked that smile and happily set it free
Yes time, it stood still for an.. eternity
This fleeting show of happiness,my little girl just had
Was caused by nothing other than.....a visit from her Dad!!!