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Default Uplifting Update on my situation

Well I could be wishful thinking again and writing this prematurally... but my x has said she's willing to agree to Joint Custody now! This is after a year and a half of flat out not even considering it only to tell me she was like this to push me away as she still loved me but couldn't be with me. Then I think some closer came into play over the last few weeks and she had an awakening on what was happening. Hopefully we can finally settle this thing now - without the court (which is still scheduled to take place in 3 weeks) (I won't be cancelling that until it's confirmed and signed). Anyway, I'm suppose to go over the draft agreement tonight - so wish me luck!

To all who find it hard - stick with it and remember you're doing it for your kids and to have both parents in their life.

I posted this poem in another thread but it says it all I think. (that's why I wrote it


I hear your pain
Crying down like rain
You keep it in your clouds
It all must be so loud

It's not my fault
Don't put it on me
Please put all this to a hault
And let it all just be

I don't want to be involved
I just want to be enthrolled
By both you and by daddy
We can still be so happy

I understand you can't be with him
Please, understand he's like one of my limbs
Don't cut him off because of how you feel
Let me decide as I too would heal

He loves you for being my mother
There will be no other
I won't go anywhere
As none of that seems fair

To fight over me is not the answer
To fight for me is not the best
Lets come together before the cancer
Eating us apart from the stress

We all will suffer a little
Who's to say who's more brittle
Let us be together forever
Even if we're never together

We all share something
That something is me
So please let it all be
Lets be somewhat of a family