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She will lie in court bout all you say and make accusations against you. Judge will error on the side of caution and agree with there is a problem and only flip through all your evidence quickly without care and avoid making a decision leaving things for you to 2 decide on, schedule another expensive CC .
If you were self Rept or have the 10 or 30 grand you definitely will have a chance at sole.
Judge will look for you to pay for 2 homes so the child has 2 bedrooms all the time oh ya the mother too.
Now if you were the parent with all those problems Judge would give you EOW and call FRO. Go Self Rep and let the system screw itself. The more people that do will force the courts to clean up there act.
I know a guy who hasn't seen his son in 8 months all because his ex recorded him upset and swearing she also took a picture of a red bum as he smacked his son with a slipper. Police ran with the evidence Judge ran with the evidence. See how you do with your recording. They will probably tell you it is inasmissable . This guy has a sworn affidavit his ex makes the boy take cold showers with his clothes on and has been seen beating him with a clothes hanger. All ignored.

This all sounds terrible but the boy was well taken care of. This abuse word has lost it,s meaning. Unless your a man or have been a very dangerous mother remembering that the first 2 times don,t count for her.
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