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You want your son in a stable environment, which you believe he has now. Can you prove to a judge that his current environment (full custody to you) has been beneficial to him, and should not be changed? What has improved about his behaviour, etc , in the time since he stopped going back and forth all the time, at strange hours? How has the stability helped him? What supportive documentation could you present in court about it if you had to?

Your ex has to prove that going back to the unstable 50-50 schedule would be better for him than what he has now. That sounds tricky from what you describe. Normally, it's good for a child to have maximal access to both parents, but if going back to 50-50 means he won't see that much more of his mother due to her work schedule, you might have a good argument for an alternative. The alternative you present should have as much contact with her as possible, though, working around her schedule, such as her having him every Friday.
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