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Lawyer didn't suggest the consent order. Mom was the one that asked for it.

Sorry, what was the dumb idea? The fact we signed a consent order giving me full custody? How does it make me look bad? Maybe I'm being ignorant here, she was going to be evicted and I could have let it happen and go after her for not providing a home as that is a responsibility of being a parent.

How does a judge not see it as flakey when you sign over full custody then serve me papers to want to say she was "coerced into it" less than 1 month later? The only reason it's being delayed is because we are going to special chambers this month.

My lawyer didn't object to it, as she said I got what I wanted.

So do you think then i should just settle to 50/50? The previous order before the consent order was an interim from 3 years ago and said I would have him 3 days per week till we go to court. However, the past 3 years. We never followed the court order, I never took her to court on it ( we basically had 50/50 time split) and was preparing to go to court for shared parenting as she refused to idea of shared parenting and in her words before, over her dead body.

So you see what kind of person I'm dealing with. Simply opportunistic.

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The court won't side with her because she's mom, the court will look at the best interests of the child which is having two involved parents.

The thing about trading money for your child, which is essentially what you did, there is nothing that says that mom having more time with the child is out of the question. Yes, it sucks that she was willing to give up time with the kid in exchange for money, but she probably did so knowing she could always ask and expect more time later.

If you had a lawyer who suggested this was a good idea, I would recommend a new lawyer ASAP. If you didn't have a lawyer I would recommend consulting one before making any more offers that will only serve to bite you in the ass again in the future.
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