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Originally Posted by pokeman View Post
never see the owner post , its just a rumor like most of the internet,
does it really matter or detract from my post - should I retract in 'weasel
words' to keep your hierarchy happy ?, you do the Western Canada shift right ?

would think you'd focus on issues like therapists lying or lack of human rights which are direct accusations in my statement above ... something more important, oh right ... important to men , understand why you skipped over that Arabian.

that's why I ask dad's to ask their family and friends 'who has the children'
and not listen to you Arabian, or me - you shouldn't have a problem with that Arabian if your truly trying to help people on this site.

luv u all
Let me put this in non-weasel words so you don't misunderstand me:

Your misogynist statements are not appropriate or appreciated. If you want to pontificate your views of the lack of services for men regarding domestic violence please restrain yourself from making personal attacks on me or other female contributors to this forum. In fact the more you continue on with your manner of expressing yourself, the more I suspect that you (and not your ex) have an anger management issue - you don't do a very good job at disguising your derision of the female gender.

I do try to assist people on this site. Unlike you I do not rant and rave incessantly on a topic wildly accusing people of being "socialists" or "feminists" simply because I had a bad day in court.

It goes without saying that there are good and bad social workers. In your perspective and experience you believe you came up against a biased individual who effected the outcome of your custody situation. You have made yourself quite clear.However, you have received abundant sympathy and words of encouragement and support from people on this forum in previous posts.

I do not recall anyone posting on this forum stating that men did not deserve the same help and assistance that women receive regarding domestic violence.
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