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It all boils down to numbers. More men abuse women .... period. The police release their stats for the public.

Their should absolutely be more resources for men. Lets approach our local politicians for that funding. That being said the services in place for women are very much needed.

Most women as opposed to men are vulnerable to abuse because of the sacrifices they make when raising very young children. Leaving employment and freedom behind for the greater good of their families. This cuts them off from being self sufficient. The services in place enable a woman to escape and be safe.

Lets not whine about legal aid and shelters. Women and children need them.

Dont even get me started on welfare...Abusive men should pay their spousal and child support. Instead they degrade their former wives and throw the welfare card in their faces.

I saved the best for last.... those special people who abuse the system with their lies. We need real punishments for these fools. Yes folks ...these fools are genderless. Lets charge them with fraud and give them a criminal record.
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