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Originally Posted by Janibel View Post
Every Canadian province,town, city, hamlet or hobbit-cave has a domestic violence shelter where men/women can go to for help. I have posted those related to Ontario in the domestic violence tread ... If you wish to personally do more, I suggest that you contact your local shelter and ask them how you can help out. They will gladly accept donations of your time, clothes, non perishable foods, children's toys and ca$h.

any men/father's reading this open the phone book and call them ( if the ad say's women shelter ask them why you cant seek refuge ) , tell them your 'on the run from abuse with children ' and see when you can move in.

you may find like I did no male's allowed ...

what a sh1t post - in Canada there are +1000 shelters for women none for men , in 2007 I fled with children and calling government and private agencies I ended up sleeping in tent with children, it was july, so Sept to May no shelter for fathers! unless you own a tent ? - if children services knows then foster homes while mom is rehab'd

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