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pokeman has a little shameless behaviour in the past

Originally Posted by arabian View Post
If it is happening regularly then I would think it is appropriate for a 3rd party, such as a child psychologist, to work with/assess your son.
the feminist are leading you down the path, cause if she continues to abuse you might just be the preferred parent, the child is secondary concern from my experience.

listen up , family law is 'socialist', not matter what a misfit parent she might be you will not get custody in 99% percent of the situations similar to what you posted.

if she screams at the child, tells the child your an ass or even that your not their real father the therapist can and will do everything in their power to make sure the child doesn't want to live with dad.

before I am attacked and over posted by the feminists controlling this site do yourself a favor and call 'Human Rights' and ask what rights you have in a custody suite if the therapist tells your child they should live with mom

you Dad have no rights, the therapist will work to make sure the child stays exactly where they are ...

their attitude is based on 1960 social issues that children don't need their bio dad.

going to court especially with a lawyer tells the Judge ( probably born in a time she wasn't legally allowed to vote ) that you got $ so they will take it from you - and then you cant afford to pay for section 7's your kids need ...

no one tells you this

I know ... I now have teenager girls asking why they were sent to 'mom' and why the therapist told them ' your a girl, its only normal to live with mom'
in an extreme abuse situation.

be careful dad's

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