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pokeman has a little shameless behaviour in the past

putting 'cult' in the title of this topic kinda suggests that
men's group's are 'cult' or negative , it says 'cult groups
to avoid' ? like they are all cult groups, below ground secret
organizations not accepted by general society

are you a husband Just'in ? , dad/ father ?

in the US and country's like Australia men speak up,
in Canada its taboo - there are a few groups but no
major movements, web sites like this are no place to
try and get organized.

if your a dad / father and your wife knocks you too the
floor and puts her knee in your back or punches you
repeatedly from the waste up while your child watches
it is NOT news and will never be reported regardless
if there is a men's group or not.

what's your story Just'in , you kinda sound like my X
posing as a dude

the cult is 'Canada Family Law' ... not men's groups

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