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pokeman has a little shameless behaviour in the past

I came to this site many years ago seeking
advice, got some - bad advice - absoultly no
real world insight.

this site promotes 'status quo' cause its one
sided for now - don't be ashmed for having
a bulg in your undies'

the mission of this site is too make you all
smooth in front - afraid too speak up - else
your a troll too ...

its politically incorrect these days to
say a 'women attacked you' or made you a
victim - that's their turf ...

my Wife beat my kids till they bleed from the
mouth , she got custody too ... why ?

problem is in my 4 years in court only saw
1 or 2 men, in hindsight they were
rational - women, no way - same attitude as
my X - came out her vag*** dam if she's
going to pay for them ( quote from her
mouth not mine ), in todays society stereotype
untimely she is a victim OR NO AIRTIME

don't be sorry or ashamed cause you were born
a man and became a father

traveling abroad men in other other countrys know
Canada is a sh1thole saying 1 thing and doing
another. that's why 1 sex has 90% custody of children

men get yourself a lawyer on advice of another
dad that did ok , do not waste every cent you
have fighting for your children as the lawyers
will pocket the coin knowing the 'socialst' Canadian
system will give her 50% or more custody.

the truth men is talking too your friends and family
asking "who gets the children " - you will be tagged a dead
beat if the lawyers drain you and then when your border line
financially 1 bad stroke of bad luck ( in addition to Family Law )
you cant pay and they will crucify you - this web site will
never blame a lawyer cause that's who owns it

dads that fight the system too the end fightening for their kids
are simply labeled 'dead beats', a mother fightening for her
children is her right ... poor thing - child support exempt ...

luv u all

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