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Default men vs women's claims of dv

Maybe I'm in the wrong section but something struck me just now while I was reading various posts on this site.

Is it just me or are men's claims of dv becoming "better tolerated" than those made by women?

More so I kinda wonder about the perception of this community and how you personally think this would play out in family law by gender these days? As men have been unfairly treated by claims against them in past family and criminal law (based on information available at the time), is society setting up a path to unfairly treat women next to punish them for the wrongs and misrepresentations of a few nasty biatches? This couldn't be the right thing to do.

Should raising overdue awareness for one gender condemn the other gender for those amounts of claims that were intended to abuse the system? What about the ones that truly do and continue to suffer from dv?

My personal instinct is to be concerned about our path forward in a men's movement of modern society; mostly because I think dv is genderless. As a male victim of dv, I have little difficulty believing either gender's claims could be true AND not. My own mother was regularly beaten and put down by my father for years. I'd hate to know that for women like her there would be lesser support today in the court system, by the police and by public view. I don't think that because I'm a man moving through an awareness trend that I should be better heard than a woman who suffers from dv.

I guess I'm in a pensive mood tonight.
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