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Originally Posted by stripes View Post
No worries at all. We sometimes get some weird trolls here, especially around the issue of DV, but it's clear from your response that you're not one of them. I am very sorry about your experience, and I hope you are able to find some healing.
Thanks stripes. To be honest, I've been through 2 marriages and both have been abusive. I thought after my first round in family court that I was going through hell. Seems my second round is 10 times worse! From police involvement (fabricated, dropped allegations), OCL, cas, the court system, and now mediation, she seems to have all the cards with rich friends that are paying for her team of lawyers. I'm basically self-repped. I love my kids. I CARED for my children more than she made herself available. Perhaps some residual anger there (sorry), but at the end of the day I still believe in love and I believe in family and I CAN acknowledge that dv is a reality for many of both genders (like my mother who was near-daily beaten by my father). I've seen many sides of this.

After much shame and sense of failure, I can be angry enough to advocate for "men's rights"... I won't. Mostly because I know that it isn't anybody's right to be abusive to another.

So I choose to advocate for the betterment of society. Perhaps naive, but at the very least it's genuine. DV simply should not be tolerated ANYWHERE, AGAINST ANYONE, no matter what GENDER, age, race, etc. DV is just wrong. When the courts are going to be educated enough to see this is a separate matter. DV is genderless and liars claiming dv are also genderless. It happens both ways.
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