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I truly apologize if I mistook the correct web address. Maybe the mods can correct that because I can't change it.

I can only speak from my experience and did not expect such a diverse response. Despite my own experience with DV, I can acknowledge that DV victims are GENDERLESS. They can be women, men AND children. Just because I'm a man, strung along like a puppet through an incredible legal battle, it doesn't mean that I don't see that WOMEN can also be true victims of abuse.

The sad fact is that BOTH men AND women also abuse the system, "claim" abuse against their partners (even same-sex partners) when there is no merit. Once that is done, no matter who the victim is, it's a huge legal battle to overcome. Does it matter if it's a man, woman, child or same-sex scenario?

A liar is a liar. A victim is a victim. Why should perspective change on right and wrong?

Either way, domestic abuse is NOT TOLERABLE. This is what researchers should be focussing on. Ya, maybe the "system" got it wrong based on facts available at the time. But those are the KEY words - facts available at the time.

As time progresses, liars claiming dv will be more easily spotted; and those liars can be women, men, AND children. An education is needed. And not enough is done for ALL THOSE that truly have or are facing dv.

Again, my apologies for posting the wrong link.
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