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I disagree.
I am female and, like men and other women, I got screwed by the system. I continue to get screwed by the system.

I may have received a divorce judgment (that was the easy part) but I don't think anyone is 100% satisfied.

I get dragged back to court year after year.

I agree with previous poster that the system is quite "limp wristed" when it comes to holding people accountable for lying and contempt.

I was treated unfairly by the system when my business partner ripped me off simply because my business partner happened to be my husband. Police charged my ex with fraud over 5000.00 after a very thorough investigation. The prosecutor threw the case out simply because he felt it was a "family court matter." [I learned my lesson too late - never ever go into business with your spouse; being incorporated offers no protection to married people in our legal system it seems]. I think of all the years I paid a lot of money to maintain an incorporated business (accountant & legal fees alone). Total waste of money IMO.
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