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People like WorkingDad and LF32 (and countless others) and especially their children are very much victims of legalized abuse against men and children by the current family law system and divorce industry.

Someone like LF32 is trying to work a job, keep a house, pay CS and pay what must be tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees while his abuser sits in a free house, with free council, all paid for people who unwittingly donate money to things like the "legit" white ribbon fund.
I 100% agree that there should be domestic violence shelters for men. Particularly because men often get accused of false DV and need somewhere to go when there is heavy conflict in a household.

What I don't agree with is this bullcrap idea that men have it worse than women in dealing with family court.

I had an ex that tried very similar tactics to WD of LF32's ex's. He put me through a 5 year idiotic legal battle and custody dispute that cost me a lot of money to fight. He and his 3 lawyers (1 in particular) levelled every accusation possible against me and I had no choice but to defend myself legally against every moronic affidavit he put forward. He used all types of delay tactics to try to crush me financially so I wouldn't be able to fight back.

There are a lot of women here who've been repeatedly taken to court and put through endless legal battles. This has ZERO to do with gender. ZERO.

The issue is that HC individuals experience very little penalty in family court for lying, for filing false affidavits, for contempt, for stalling, and for ramping up the other litigants legal expenses. In fact, there is no downside for people like this because sometimes their nonsense pays off. If they get caught in a lie...they may experience some loss in credibility overall but they don't get called on lying under oath. My ex got caught in a million lies after he was sworn in on depositions, etc...nothing happened to him at all.

Even worse, there are lawyers who make taking on HC clients and ramping up their delusions their life work. There's no downside for them either. They terrorize the other litigant while they pad their legal bill. All they do is make more and more money. No judge really comes down on them and punishes them for being complicit in lying for their client.

This is not a gender issue at all. The fact is that HC litigants need to be held accountable for the affidavits and false accusations they make. And if their lawyer's are participants in the lies on sworn documents, they also need to be held to account. Until that happens, nothing will change.

I didn't whine about my gender fighting my legal battle because it had nothing to do with what was going on.

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