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I think AVfM goes too far some times but I understand some of their view point. There is a lot of money in the system dedicated to protecting women but quite literally nothing for men. If you're a man being abused, your only shelter is a homeless one. You won't be allowed or welcomed into any of the existing domestic violence shelters. Don't waste your time calling hot lines or speaking to social workers... they will tell you to "man up".

People like WorkingDad and LF32 (and countless others) and especially their children are very much victims of legalized abuse against men and children by the current family law system and divorce industry.

Someone like LF32 is trying to work a job, keep a house, pay CS and pay what must be tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees while his abuser sits in a free house, with free council, all paid for people who unwittingly donate money to things like the "legit" white ribbon fund.

Real violence, against men or women, is horrendous. But propping up a system that only offers help to one segment of society (who often unscrupulously abuses that help in quite a few cases) is just as horrendous. If I donate money to the white ribbon campaign, I am directly funding people like "goldilocks" and "luba" who rely on it to continue their horrendous behaviour.

Personally I would put my money somewhere else and not into either the real or fake white ribbon campaign.

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