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The White Ribbon Campaign is a real thing - Canadian organization for-men-by-men that works on ending violence against women. Jack Layton was one of the founders. It does a lot of excellent educational work and has an international reputation for getting dialog going on difficult topics. It's at is fake. It's created by "men's rights activists" who want to discredit the real White Ribbon. If you click on the fake site's donation page, it takes you to a Paypal account for something called A Voice for Men. This group is really nasty, they've been in trouble for advocating violence against identifiable (female) targets and have been designated a "hate group" by the American Southern Poverty Law Centre, which tracks all kinds of hate groups on the internet.

So to the OP - I really hope this fake "White Ribbon" is not for "men like you". I hope you're better than that.
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