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Originally Posted by WEC View Post
hi mcdreamy,
perhaps not the purpose of this site but it could be provided in a secure and safer setting for those that have no other recourse in their moment. i am more than happy to post numbers and links provincially but sometimes it takes too long for some victims to get to their counseling sessions to be advised (and counseling sessions based on a moment to provide such numbers could put many at risk while they are dealing with family law). no perhaps not the premise of this board but ive read a few ridiculed out of here who show to me clear signs of dv without support. a private group might suffice to get some of their answers met. with volunteers on board to direct them to those numbers and links it might enhance the board.
Again, this board's purpose is to discuss the legal aspects of divorce in Ontario.

DV is one of its many many aspects and I support Janibel's bumping of resource numbers and sites for those who venture here. As a former victim of DV, I can certainly understand that some victims might not yet know there is readily accessible information for them online, my mother certainly did not have required assistance. But at this moment, ODF is not a victim resource facility nor would I support moving that way.

FWIW if you are interested in spearheading a DV board, I can pm you the details on how to create your own board, monitor, manage and promote same; I've done so in the past with other interests of mine.

You will need to speak with Jeff if you have any further interest in moving forward with this concept, this is now his bailiwick.
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