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Default WEC's Idea Thread

janibel, ive read some of your stuff. im trying to find out what can be done here on this board for those that are dealing with domestic abuse vs divorce. ive tried to start a group for such members but do not know how to get it active or if a moderator is needed to activate it. youre right, dv is genderless. divorce can and will likely make it worse for those victims. liars are identifiable. i volunteer at shelters whenever im in town to just listen. its quite profound how some will abuse the system to get a leg up in family law. its becoming easier for men to do this while women have been doing it for a long time. either way, it boils down to finance and survival against the law. dv exists and its becoming far too difficult for any party to prove it in court. this group if i can be successful starting up might help true victims who also face court.
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