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Originally Posted by FirstTimer View Post
To chime in here cause you know I'm an internet troll.
How would I know that?

Originally Posted by FirstTimer View Post
You tend to verbose alot, no offence it doesn't show intelligence.
Yes. I recognize this as a fault.

If I was self-absorbed, as you suspect, then I would present the best side of my exchanges with X to gain your sympathy and support, and certainly not the one I inevitably chose to share. I want to learn.

Originally Posted by FirstTimer View Post
What I really want to say is that, I feel bad for you, there's no other worse feeling in the world when you don't have your child near you and you know in your heart that what is happening is very painful. No one will understand that until it's happened to them. You have a right to feel sadness that your kids don't see you on a regular basis and by law, you legally aren't involved in their lives.
X wanted to stay together and made many promises. I did not after holding us all together for years. X and I were amicably drafting a separation agreement prior to the case and still residing in the same home (children fully in my care) when I was served. I had been warned years ago that if I ever left the relationship, X / friends / family would cause me misery. This promise was kept.

That "piece of paper" was obtained dishonestly and has been continually used to prevent me from seeing the children. The children reside with me more than 50% of the time now, which was the result of multiple investigations that found X's ex parte allegations false.

Restoring the children's well being has been a focus as they were most affected. I am cleaning up the debris that was created and played out in court by X's emotional reasoning.

Dealing with X is a challenge. Face-to-face interaction is impossible. Written format has its ups and down.

It seems X has a number of personas: the one in front of an audience, the one in written form, the one face-to-face, and the one in court (X has received stern warnings from the bench for acting out and for the material X has submitted).

Originally Posted by FirstTimer View Post
It's okay to show hurt. We all sympathize with that and we want to help you.
I have cried enough. Righting the remaining wrongs now which has its ups and downs. I have no skill in this so undoubtedly I will make mistakes.

Context: I have concerns about perceptions that are skilfully crafted for legal misrepresentation. I ask for help when I need it, and I've asked for help here. I have received some really good advice. Thank you.

How was that? Still too verbose?
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