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To chime in here cause you know I'm an internet troll.

The initial feedback you received from everyone here was that you were as equal party in the escalation with your responses back to your ex. Based upon some of your comments, some might even say you're self-absorbed and based upon your last post, it probably has some merit along with your name handle MommyTime (Freudian Slip?).

However, let's skip this and boil it down to a few simple things. You tend to verbose alot, no offence it doesn't show intelligence.

You've lost custody and your ex has it right now. From what I gather here, you are having a very very very difficult time adjusting through the power dynamic that has happened here and your IQ/ego cannot deal with it so you make a mountain out of an ant hill with that exchange and your ramblings on about your loss of identity and self worth? You are used to being in control and now the law says you're not according to this one piece of paper, but my how powerful that piece of paper is eh?

At the end of the day, this has less to do with the best interest of kids from a non-bias perspective and more to do that you have tied your emotional, physical, and mental identity to what YOU think is in the best interest of the kids. This is cliché and again you will lose in court if you have that attitude. You need to be objective and separate the two. You've bundled this together and as a character in the Big Lebowski said, "you're going to be in a world of pain" if you cannot separate the two. Actually, you already are.

It sounds to me that your ex was able to capitalize on your emotional outbreaks, and work the law for him. The other side of the coin is that all he did was able to expose the real you in a way that the legal system would rule against not just YOU but ANYONE that does something that makes them look bad.

Just don't let him bait you and control yourself if you want to win and be with your kids.

What I really want to say is that, I feel bad for you, there's no other worse feeling in the world when you don't have your child near you and you know in your heart that what is happening is very painful. No one will understand that until it's happened to them. You have a right to feel sadness that your kids don't see you on a regular basis and by law, you legally aren't involved in their lives. It's okay to show hurt. We all sympathize with that and we want to help you.
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