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Originally Posted by blinkandimgone View Post
Nobody's being 'picked on'. I do not spend 24/7 here nor do I have.tome to read every post in every thread. I will address anything I see or that is reported but don't go looking for things to address. If you feel there are other posts to be addressed then feel free to bring it to the attention of the mods by reporting it. If you feel I am treating you unfairly or, in your words, 'picking on' you, please feel free to PM either myself or Jeff directly.
Constructive criticism would, of course, be better received instead of personal attacks. Thanks, blinkandimgone. I appreciate your due diligence and volunteer time.

I will note that despite some of the feedback here, I have learned quite a bit that I have also shared with my lawyer. My legal representative is quite impressed with how I have been dealing with X (these past weeks); and my lawyer is someone with a full perspective of the case, seen my rise with willingness to learn more about myself / others, and then learning through the worst of allegations, resulting legal circumstances, investigations, recipient of a smear campaign, etc. My process through this, despite my incredible strength and level of intelligence, has been long / cumbersome as it would destroy the soul of many others.

I had my arms / legs legally cut off. I knew X would do something stupid, I just didn't realize how self-serving and stupid it was going to be despite the various threats I received (note the board this thread began). Forgive the one exchange I've shared and realize it's merely a fraction of the totality of multiple years of totality. I am now standing; somewhat wobbly but standing up against various legal wrongs. You don't have to understand the context of the exchange earlier, but I can tell you I do appreciate your input (to a degree).

As I've indicated, I am not perfect. I do not know how to deal with X as X has proven to be a complete stranger with the worst traits and with incredible power (political, legal, financial, etc). X always gets what X wants, beginning with our first meeting (saved for another day).. But I am standing, and I will stand up without shaking as I learn / reclaim my innermost strength that got me through a lifetime of experience. I own myself / my behaviour / my reaction. Yes, true. Point taken. For me, it's a process after I was beaten to embarrassing low levels despite my intelligence and knowledge. I fell for it, and don't want to fall for the usual tactics as depicted in that one exchange. I want to be free, alive, energetic, and an inspiration to my children again. Not this struggling fraction of self that better serves others (nicely) than protects harm from reaching self (idiotic innocent trust / openness / acceptance vs shyness to receive same treatment in return).

My kids matter. I am very aware of that. What X has done I will overcome and I strive to do so for my kids, which cannot be done until I do it for myself. Beaten and without limbs, I've come a long way legally, physically, and emotionally. The harm will never be forgotten. Communication is my next step. Your input can be helpful.

It's one legal step at a time. I will do it for my kids who have suffered the most by X's actions that have been incomprehensible to everyone else (at least those who could never believe the horrifying allegations against my day-to-day caregiving role; while X was in court seeking an ex-parte interim sole custody order for allegations that have otherwise been found to be false, DUH!).

I'm simply climbing out of a legal hole that was unwarranted, and falsely established. Simple as that. I'm certain many of you have similar experiences?

I am not perfect, never claimed to be.. I shared an exchange that was "uncomfortable" and wanted unbiased opinions (my safety matters to me too). While some views were definitely from personal experience unrelated to my own, I have rather appreciated those tips that have brought me greater insight / strength for my kids.

I thank everyone. Genuinely.
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