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Originally Posted by blinkandimgone View Post
Anyone and everyone who comes here looking for information, especially in a high conflict case, is advised to document EVERYTHING, which is what she has correctly done. This does not make her a nutcase or anything of the sort and I would ask you to refrain from the personal attacks in the future. If you have something of value to add, please do so, but posting for the sole purpose of disparaging someone will not be tolerated.
Thank you for that.

I am not disgruntled by any of the comments. I am the one that opened the door for opinions. Tactfulness would've been preferred but that is not how everyone operates.

While I think there are those on this board that antagonize situations (the ones that would generally be the ones to elicit conflict), I also understand that there are those that are victimized by such tactics. Perception of my intent is a small fraction of the overall picture, something I have not provided. I set myself up to receive open views from individuals I do not know, so nothing is personal.

What I will add:

1) It is advisable to document everything in any case and that is what I am doing.

2) I did not post that exchange because I think "I am perfect." I stated throughout the exchange that I was seeking ways to better handle a situation.

"Politeness" isn't enough but I sincerely have some concerns. While I have received many great tips that I have recently employed, as well as some reading material that I have found quite useful, the rest here I relegate as added noise that only applies to one situation I've described, one that is without anyone's knowledge of the full context. I can only decipher what will suit my situation as I am the individual in the midst of myal problem.

3) Receiving just a few communications from X over the course of a year sounds blissful! I could only wish! As it turns out since this past weekend, I receive about 20 forms of communications per day from X.

X seemingly has decided that the agreed form of communication is "______?" I don't know what the thinking is, as it changes every week or so.. There was no contact for more than half-a-year, then by email only until OFW could get set up. OFW has been set up for several months but this weekend X went just a bit nuts with calls, voicemail, texts, emails, and messages.

Basically, X's previous push (my fault) that I get set up with OFW, is no longer a focus. X changed position after weeks of employing the system.

4) Being in a high conflict situation is difficult, especially with someone that changes their mind about agreed-measures on a weekly basis. I am not a bad parent at all but will point out that while X was busy contacting me this weekend, the kids were locked in a car waiting for a celebratory dinner. Can I point out that the time of pick-up was really non-essential in the exchange above?

To whomever above thought X should retain the Custodial Order, shame..? X's parenting decisions just based on that could be taken into consideration. High conflict or not, the kids were locked in a car for a long time and throughout the situation (while my phone / computer was shut off). The children were secondary to X's need to cause conflict that I am learning to disengage from.

5) While I have much to learn to deal with all this, my kids are foremost. I have not yet shared how my family case has unfolded but perhaps in due time.. Minimally, I've been investigated and cleared 3 times, as I've been arrested and the charge has been withdrawn. Yes, by my perspective, boundaries need to be set with X. It's the reason I posted on this subsection of the board. There is a very long history here.

6) Perception is what I was concerned about. Favourable and non-favourable commentaries have helped me immensely.
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