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Originally Posted by FightingForFamily View Post
The fact that you are tracking the exact number, frequency and timing of every text message and taking the time to type them into an internet forum proves to me very conclusively that you are a nutcase.

Let go, disengage, be reasonable and stop trying to control every stupid little detail. My ex exchange about one sentence per month through e-mail and even that's more than I like.

Whether it's noon, 1:30, 3pm or 6pm on Thanksgiving Monday makes no fucking difference to you or your kids, let him have whatever time he wants. He didn't ask for 7am or 10pm.
Anyone and everyone who comes here looking for information, especially in a high conflict case, is advised to document EVERYTHING, which is what she has correctly done. This does not make her a nutcase or anything of the sort and I would ask you to refrain from the personal attacks in the future. If you have something of value to add, please do so, but posting for the sole purpose of disparaging someone will not be tolerated.
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