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OP, reading your responses, I'm not sure that you're getting how outrageous you sound. Read this again...

1) The current order does not make any provision for holidays, nor has agreement been reached about a holiday schedule.

2) The initial question in this exchange was "what is convenient on Monday?" The response was in the form of another question to facilitate an appropriate exchange about plans that could possibly already be in place.

3) A reasonable compromise, as a "meeting at the middle" given this exchange, is Monday 3pm -- and most suitably by a third-party pickup.
Everytime I read this, I start laughing. What on earth are you trying to accomplish here?

Who cares if an agreement's been reached? Did you need a court order to raise your kids when you were married? Can you not figure out what's reasonable without a judge telling you?

Think about it...what's fair on a holiday? What he's asking for sounds pretty normal to me. You don't need a court order for just need to be a fair person and focused on your kids.

Communication shall remain through this medium until agreement can be reached otherwise, and by email for emergencies. [That is what has been recommended by various third parties].

A compromise has already been offered for 3pm, which allows "your family" an extended [holiday] dinner celebration on the official day (which by experience does not start until later).

There is no court order that has outlined any provision for such events, although a multitude of generous offers have been made to address this in the last 6 months.

The [children] will be in the lobby at 3pm on Monday shortly after we get back. Thanks.
What time his family celebrates dinner is really none of your business. Maybe since he divorced you, they have an earlier meal. Why argue over an hour and a half worth of time?

X to me
I would remind you that there is a Court Order that stipulates that I am the custodial parent. I have, in good faith, initiated this exchange so as to allow us to come to a reasonable and child focused resolution.

That said, I have no interest in squabbling over a few hours and as it appears you have plans I am happy to accommodate those
This is a reasonable response on his part although wordier than necessary.

By the way, I wonder if this type of stuff is the reason why he ended up as the custodial parent.

Last point, do you realize that you mentioned him using a 3rd party on 11 separate occasions. 10 of them after he said NO after the 1st time you mentioned it. You do realize that saying something 11 times over and over and over again in one conversation makes you look like a complete lunatic?

If I were him, I would be archiving that exchange for future court action to show how unreasonable and overbearing you are.

My suggestion is that you need to detach. You come off as very high conflict and controlling. I'm not trying to insult you, just trying to point out that while you see this text exchange as highly sane and reasonable on your part...I think some of the other posters (including myself) see it as completely the opposite. I wonder if you've had the same experience with some of your court proceedings.

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