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Originally Posted by dad2bandm View Post
A simple exchange at Tim Horton's, would likely avoid any potential "safety" issues, if even any exist, which I doubt.
It wasn't splitting the time at the eleventh hour that was the issue. It was the point of contact that was the issue in my IP.

After the 30 seconds of transferring the children, I received 17 communications from the X for me to return. 12 by phone, text, and messaging shortly after and within the hour of the transfer. Then 5 more across 90 minutes later in the evening that X would drop by my place, in addition to another "pressing matter."

It wasn't about the weekend for the X, it was about getting an emotional hit.

But my phone was off so I was unaware the children were sitting in the car for nearly an hour while this was unfolding. This is horrible. I worry about the kids having witnessed this and then the aftermath instead of being able to enjoy the dinner celebration with X.

I responded to 2 of the messages later in the evening when I discovered all this, and then turned everything off again. It did not stop the onslaught of X's attempts to contact me further but my phone was off.

I cannot control X's calls, texts and messages despite having repeatedly expressed the mode of communication preferred and, justly, what has been recommended by professionals. I can choose how I will respond if the matter is genuine and not simply attention-seeking. Everything to the X is an "emergency" and it seems to always be "my fault."

I'm learning. The suggestions here on this board and in private have been useful.
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