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Why don't you consider the "Thanksgiving" exchange schedule, for the future, and as an offer, to have an exchange around 6pm or 7pm on the Sunday of the Thanksgiving weekend. Sunday and Monday seem to be the big "family meal" days of that holiday weekend, so whoever's weekend it normally is, would have Sunday with the children, and their meal, and Monday would belong to the other parent during that weekend. Seems like a fair solution.

The entirety of the "exchange" you posted, between you and the other parent, is not unlike an exchange of two people who like to hear themselves talk.

"Holiday" long weekends are not like normal weekends, therefore they should not be treated the same, simply because "there is nothing in the order" to dictate otherwise. Both of you need to be reasonable and compromise, and get that "compromise" into your order, to help avoid future issues.

A simple exchange at Tim Horton's, would likely avoid any potential "safety" issues, if even any exist, which I doubt.
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