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Face-to-face contact is generally quite limited, thankfully. This last incident that is fuelling the third-party request for the long weekend, was during the week after I had already done the daycare drop-off.

We were both present at D4's school when I took her into the classroom. X joined us at that point. I was open to this idea to test it out after the very first incident.

When leaving the classroom, I walked quickly but X caught up to me outside, intercepted me, began to yell something incomprehensible but refused to show me what was causing the animated state. X spoke over me when I tried to ask what the issue was that may easily be fixed. X was in my physical space.

I backed away immediately as it was apparent it was futile to continue to be engaged. X got louder. X shouted expletives at my back. I kept walking and did not turn back.

X filed court documents with the school at that point, although it had been agreed they would not be filed. Because of this action, I am now unable to obtain our child's school records, meet with the teacher, receive a report card, receive any information about her class unless X decides to forward them to me, etc. It is unclear if I am able to even pick her up from school. Until there is definitive clarity, it has been suggested to do the pick-ups from the daycare where my pick-ups are not restricted (yet?). Oddly, the court strongly directed the children be enrolled in daycare / school together in my neighbourhood and yet where, how and when they are picked up have become narrow restrictions regulated by X.

I found out later what X's upset was about, something not of my doing nor in my control. But what difference does that make now? It resulted with another restriction imposed on me, and because X makes it a regular point who the custodial parent is in the interim (did you catch that in the exchange earlier?).

How X obtained custody is another matter. I am in the midst of climbing out of a deep legal hole. All that X has left is that one piece of paper, clung onto desperately, while I try to figure out how not to become entrapped by X's unfolding strategy.

Repeating myself is due to exchanges where matters steer from the initial purpose. I feel obligated to stick to the point to prevent it from unravelling, not as an attempt to be controlling or passive aggressive. There is a larger context. As such, written communication in one exchange has a reasoning that cannot sum up the full context. This is what I am afraid of, as misrepresentation of context has already occurred. It is why I've posted it without edits aside from names. I'd like to know where improvement can be made.

I've asked for tips and they are still welcome. I am willing to learn based on your feedback.
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