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Originally Posted by Rioe View Post
From my read of your quoted emails, YOU are the one being unreasonable and uncompromising! I know it's probably hard to see from the inside, but go through them again and imagine that you are a judge reading them. Your ex makes reasonable requests and accommodations, and you try to be restrictive and bossy.
Perhaps you have a point based on a small fraction of the totality of the conflict.

Agreed third-parties have previously been in place and now X suddenly refuses to keep them in place? I am trying to understand; beyond that X views them all as not suitable because they challenged X's attempts to intimidate them. This was similar between all of them who are strangers to each other.

Third-party involvement is something X sought. The resistance now to maintain their involvement is the opposite of the original and long-standing position X took that was imposed on me. It's been difficult to keep up with all the back and forth positions that are also accompanied with papers. Next week X will likely change positions again.

Originally Posted by Rioe View Post
Why put the onus on him for something you consider necessary? It's a lot more inconvenient to him to arrange someone to come all the way with him than it is for you to have someone go to the lobby for a few minutes.
This would be inaccurate but of no fault here. This does not include any level of detail and I understand how you could arrive to this.

Originally Posted by Rioe View Post
Just repeating yourself makes YOU look like the high conflict person.
It is my experience that if I don't repeat the point, the exchange quickly unravels. Any tips?

Originally Posted by standing on the sidelines View Post
If the ex acts up when the kids are out of sight and out of earshot then why are you still standing there? As soon as he has the kids walk away, don't stick around.
X follows or gets louder.
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