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From my read of your quoted emails, YOU are the one being unreasonable and uncompromising! I know it's probably hard to see from the inside, but go through them again and imagine that you are a judge reading them. Your ex makes reasonable requests and accommodations, and you try to be restrictive and bossy.

Insisting on pickup at 6pm like it was a daycare day when you KNOW there's a holiday dinner involved for them, then basically saying that you consider 3pm an unnecessary compromise because they start dinner late? You will get all of Sunday for the special family dinner before and after process, why can't he have the same on Monday?

And if you believe a third party is necessary, have one of YOUR family members or a neighbour be down in the lobby with the children instead of doing it yourself. Why put the onus on him for something you consider necessary? It's a lot more inconvenient to him to arrange someone to come all the way with him than it is for you to have someone go to the lobby for a few minutes. Just repeating yourself makes YOU look like the high conflict person.
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