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Originally Posted by SadAndTired View Post
It seems to me that you and your ex are in a pissing match. The entire text thread reads very high conflict (although politely worded).
The high conflict is the reason third party pick-ups have been recommended. It has yet to become court enforced.

Fear of safety is something X had claimed in court. Oddly, X seems to resist the same precautions once sought. I'm guessing it's because it has been found that the opposite is true.

Originally Posted by SadAndTired View Post
He would be an idiot to send you in writing (text) "Yes, I acted terribly on Sept 4 and therefore we do need a third party exchange." Why would he admit guilt in writing and why do you even need him to do that?
X acknowledged the incident in writing afterwards.

X's behaviour in front of the children is loud and tainted with a staged sense. There is nothing I can do about that. Shouting and demeaning me in front of the children, like before, has not occurred. Note there have been very few opportunities to be face-to-face since separation.

However, it's when the children are out of sight and earshot that is the problem. The last time, I had to walk away.

Originally Posted by SadAndTired View Post
How old are the children? One of the texts talks about the lobby. Can you stay inside the lobby and just send them out as he pulls up?
I am responsible to pass off the children who are too young to run out on their own.
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