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It seems to me that you and your ex are in a pissing match. The entire text thread reads very high conflict (although politely worded). You are engaging with him far too much.

He would be an idiot to send you in writing (text) "Yes, I acted terribly on Sept 4 and therefore we do need a third party exchange." Why would he admit guilt in writing and why do you even need him to do that?

You have to focus on the goal that is your top priority. You want a conflict free exchange in front of the children, right? Isn't that the only thing that really matters on that day?

Instead of trying to convince him to send someone else (when you can't even do that yourself), figure out a solution. Pick a neutral, public place, set your cell phone to record the exchange and tell your ex you will be recording to ensure that everything is civil in front of the kids.

How old are the children? One of the texts talks about the lobby. Can you stay inside the lobby and just send them out as he pulls up?

I truly don't see it as his issue if YOU want a third party exchange. He just wants to pick up his kids himself. He is not insisting that you be there.

Try to put emotions aside (and it is really hard I know) and figure out a way to handle what you can control instead of trying to get him to do something differently.

The bickering back and forth by text isn't working and is making things worse IMO. You are setting yourself up for a conflicted exchange by insisting it is done your way.

Just focus on what you CAN do rather than the fact that he won't do what you tell him too.
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